Session 8 : Beer & Food – Snack time

5:30 pm – snack

(NOTE:This is a day-long continuation of the Session 8 Beer & Food post, so make sure you start with Breakfast.)

We’ve moved on over to Port Brewing where we’re holding down the tasting room bar for the evening. We were really hungry but unfortunately the popcorn machine once again caught fire and we had to send it flaming down the delivery ramp outside (do other breweries have these problems?).

That leaves us with no snack but beer. Which, of course, is what we have maintained from the very beginning. Beer is food.

Session 8 - Snack time

So for snack I’m having a pint or two… or three of Red Barn from Lost Abbey. Hopefully not too much — the tasting room closes at 8 pm and then there’s dinner. (PS: you’re invited)

See you at dinner.

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