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Session 9 is… beer and music!


The Session #9I’m playing catch up this week and just noticed that beer blogging Session #9 has been announced. The subject is “Beer & Music” and will be hosted by Port Brewing / Lost Abbey head brewer (and GABF small brewer of the year) Tomme Arthur.

From his blog:

For this session, I am looking towards my fellow bloggers to share a music and beer moment with. It could be that Pearl Jam show I attended 7 years ago where I was forced to drink 5 Coronas to stay warm. But more likely, it could be an album or song that you’re always listening to. I, for my part, will be writing two blogs. One will be about a particular memory and the other will be about musical stylings and my beers.

Session #9 is slated for November 2, 2007. You can get all the details right here.

So, what do you think ?