Matt Dolman getting some (mistaken) love at the Oregon Brewers Festival

Matt Dolman Beer CorrespondentI was on the phone this morning with our foreign correspondent Matt Dolman who is on assignment at the Oregon Brewers Festival up in Portland. He told me yesterday he was wearing his Lost Abbey shirt and “doing his journalistic duty” (read: drinking beer) when a guy walked up to him and said “Hey – Lost Abbey! Are you the real Tomme Arthur or a stand in?”

Matt says he thought about it for a moment (read: long enough to figure out how much free beer he could leverage the whole ‘I’m Tomme Arthur’ thing for), and then said “I’m a stand in.”

Nonetheless, he did get a moment of fame and a signature beer-in-hand Matt Dolman pic over at the It’s Pub Night blog.

Good for you Matt.

Now get back to work. A thirsty world awaits your latest ramblings.

Oh, and Tomme says it’s okay to pretend you’re him. Lost Abbey doesn’t distribute in Oregon yet.

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