At the new Breakwater Brewing in O’side


We’ve dropped into the new Breakwater Brewing on the Coast Hwy in Oceanside, CA. They’re not actually brewing yet, but the tap list is good and the food is tasty.

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4 thoughts on “At the new Breakwater Brewing in O’side

  1. Good stuff,
    BWB has a nice variety of pizzas
    and gourmet sandwiches. I was impressed
    with the buffalo chicken pizza. They have
    some good choices of beer on tap
    however I am excited to see what Kurt is going
    to brew up. The blue moon, stone, and ballast point
    are some of my favs. Cool little atmosphere too.
    So far I have never seen the place empty no
    matter the time of day! It is a nice addition to downtown O’side for sure!


  2. 02/05/2009

    The best brewer in america, kirk mckale drew an IPA, a porter, and a honey draft for me yesterday. kirk’s beer is coming back with a roar. clean, crisp, and hoppy. nice job.

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