Witch’s Wit Bottles Released… Finally!

After several weeks of delays due to labels, Witch’s Wit finally released in bottles today. A very light 4.8% ABV and brewed with Grapefruit, Orange Peel and Cardamom, it’s crisp and refreshing. Perfect for hot summer days.

In honor of the release Molly donned her witch outfit to work the bar.

Beer Molly wearing her witch costume for the release of Witch's Wit

As with all the Lost Abbey beers, the front artwork is a frightening depiction of the Catholic church’s excesses (in the form of “witch” burnings this time), while the back label is a short trope on the perils of religious intolerance. (Always nice when you can combine a beer with a moral lesson.)

The beer is available only during the summer, but should reach all of Lost Abbey’s Distribution areas.

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