Homegrown Hop 15 on tap at Lost Abbey

Hop 15 with homegrown hops

So we’re sitting here having pints of Homegrown Hop 15. that’s Hop 15 dry hopped with locally-grown Centennial hops courtesy of Sheldon out in Fallbrook. Tomme has the full story on his blog right here.

This is an extremely limited release — it’s only on tap at the brewery. But judging by its popularity, we’ll be out of it soon enough. Here’s Damien racking the second drum of Homegrown to the kegs.

Racking Hop 15 with homegrown hops

Pretty high tech, huh?

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1 thought on “Homegrown Hop 15 on tap at Lost Abbey

  1. Stopped off at the Brewery Friday night after work with my wife and 2 friends and oh man am I glad we did!!
    Fresh high Tide off the tap was incredibly fresh and good. As that was not good enough next up was Homegrown Hop 15! Hop 15 normally is one of my all time favorite beers but Homegrown is insane! Probably one of the best beers tasted in a long time. It was definitely a good beer night!! Thanks to all who were involved at Port for the brewing of these fine beers!!

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