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Drowning our sorrows



Lona and I had a HUGE dose of home-sickness today. For those that don’t know, Red Poppy is Lona’s favorite Lost Abbey beer. It was released today and we were really bummed we weren’t there. To make matters worse, after tearing through our entire stash of beer I realized that we had drank our last bottle of Red Poppy before we moved. I did however, to my plesant surprise find 2 bottles of Rodenbach Grand Cru. So, here’s a toast to all who attended the release today and partook of the Red Poppy.

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  1. Ian Allan Young

    Adam Carbonell is an excellent brewer and deserves to run the show at a well established, high quality brewery. Working with him at Karl Strauss, I experienced the great brewing skills and creativity Adam has. I like how this article represented Adam and showed some light on this negative situation. Adam is well know in the brewing industry and will continue to make delicious beer. Adam (ace) your big!


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