Eugene Brewery Crawl: 1st stop Steelhead Brewery

Steelhead Brewery
Steelhead Brewery

In July of ’07 we first met Teri Fahrendorf, Steelhead Brewery’s Brewmaster for 17-years, as she was “following the clouds of wort steam across the nation” in her pink boots.

Though she has moved on from Steelhead, it was beer I have wanted to taste since meeting and talking to her.  I was not disappointed.

I ordered a custom sampler tray including the Orange Wheat, Bombay Bomber IPA, Raging Rino Red, Hopasaurus Rex, Glacier Pale Ale and the Doublin Dry Stout.

Steelhead tasters
Steelhead tasters

When my server was filling my samples I noticed that she added something to one of them.  She confessed that the Orange Wheat is just their Hairy Weasel with a splash of orange juice.  The Raspberry Ale is a beer brewed with raspberries and not just the blond with a splash of raspberry juice.

All were tasty, but I settled on a Glacier Pale Ale for my first pint of the day.

Photo Gallery: Steehead Brewing Beer Menus

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Thumbing through their menu I noticed the name of their seasonal winter brew.  Looks like I will need to head back up in the winter.

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