Roadtrip North…

Recently a friend and I ventured a bit north and away from the San Diego beer scene…to visit some brewpubs just north of us.  First stop was Newport Beach Brewing Company guessed it…Newport Beach.

Newport Beach Brewing Company
Newport Beach Brewing Company
Newport Beach Beer Menu
Newport Brewing Beer Samples

The Jen Ne Sais Quad, their 12th Anniversary Belgian Quad aged for 2-years in brandy barrels with cherrys, was quite enjoyable.  When I asked about some of the beers, assistant brewer Derek was nice enough to provide some answers.  When I mentioned the other stops I was planning on making, he recommended we make the trek inland to Tustin Brewing…so that became stop #2…well…actually stop #3…because we decided to make a quick stop at a local Newport dive bar called The Goat Hill Tavern.

Goat Hill Taps
Goat Hill Tavern Interior
Goat Hill Tavern Interior 2

Though The Goat Hill Tavern had many taps, the selection was just so so….well..not much we hadn’t had before.  I chose to try the New Belgium’s Ranger IPA…I had no idea the New Belgium even made an IPA…yeah…that’s how often I get out.

OK…off to Tustin…

Tustin Brewing Co
Tustin Brewing Beer Board
Tustin Brewing Beer Menu

After a quick stop in Tustin for some samples and a pee break…it was time to get back on the road…back to the original #2 destination…now to be #4…

Tustin Beer Samples
Huntington Beach Beer Co
Huntington Beach Beer Samples

OK…Derek of Newport Brewing was right.  Huntington Beach Brewing was a nice place, but…the beers are for those transitional beer drinkers; the ones just moving from the macro beers to a craft/ brewpub beer.   Macro tasting beer brewed in small quantities and served in a cool/ hip environment…or…a waste of brewing equipment.

Off to destination #5

Based on the creative names given to the three previous brewpub visited, you would think we must be in Belmont…as we stood in front of Belmont Brewing Company…our 5th stop.  But no….Belmont Brewing Co is in Long Beach.

Belmont Brewing Co
Belmost Brewing Beer Menu
Belmont Brewing Co Samples

I remember liking the Long Beach Crude…and getting a pint of something..though not the Crude…and that was enough for the day; time for a safety nap.

Yes, I have been lagging on my posting duties.  It is hard to find time to type between sleeping and beer tastings…really.  And there are some other minor things as well…like…work; No offense intended to the unemployed, being they temporarily or permenantly unemployed.  And, in no way am I bragging that I am currently employed…as that also may be only a temporary thing.

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