Noche Buena


I recently read an article about this beer.  The author mentioned the scarcity of beer and the fact that he had to trek south of the border to get his hands on some, only to get shut down coming back due to the 1 liter limit (about 2.8 bottles) coming back into the states. 

I was surprised to see a cooler full of the stuff at a x-mas eve gathering.  When I asked the host where he got it, he explained how he and some buddies drove to the border and each brought some back.  But he had close to a case…that was quite a few friends considering it had a 2 bottle max per person.  He went on to explain how he and his friends each carried 2 across openly and each smuggled 2 more in their rectums. 

That’s when he laughed and said it was part of case set at Costco. 

Far from a great beer, but better than most mexican beers I’ve tried. 

Author: Adam

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  1. I’ve seen the 12 packs (or 24 packs, can’t remember which one) available in the US. I too tried getting some across and wasn’t able to get more than 3, I was asked to throw away the rest however.

    What people do not know is that YOU CAN PAY DUTY on it and they NEED TO allow you to bring it back. They do not want to do it BECAUSE THEY ARE LAZY! (Customs)

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