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Grozet = Gross-et


OK…maybe that is a bit harsh. But this light bodied gooseberry & wheat beer has an odd odor and unpleasant lingering bitterness. I have not tasted a gooseberry before and am uncertain how it could be affecting the flavor.  The off flavor could be the result of the added bogmyrtle, a well known natural insect repellant in Scotland, or whatever hop variety used.

If you don’t immediately throw the bottle against a wall, or out the car window, and take the time to read the back label it sounds like the label author was also a bit concerned about the beer.  “…  Bringing together these various ingredients in a beer the brewer attempts to offer a drink which is refreshing, full of flavour and a pleasure to consume.   …”   Well…the brewer failed the attempt.


So, what do you think ?