Happy Birthday Latitude 33

Not to be confused with the previous post one latitude south.

I love a brewery party.  One of the only places that you will run out of time way before they run out of beer.


Oh sure…the small batch and limited stuff may not be around all night.  But with the great lineup of other drafts available….who cares.



It is true that I may have enjoyed  more than my fair share of the Coconuts on Rye aged on rum soaked oak, but since my girlfriend couldn’t attend I was drinking for two.

Per Kevin, Latitude 33 HOBO (or Head of Brewery Operations for long), enjoy the Coconuts on Rye, a sweet stout with coconuts, while you can because he is never making it again.  With 200 pounds of coconut, roasted one pound at a time on baking sheets at home…it is not a task he wants to repeat….ever.  

Loved the Biere de Mars anniversary beer and the 1st Fleet Wheat Wine too.  Oh, and Breakfast with Wilford….and Camel Corps IPA…if the beer pix weren’t so blurry I would have actually posted them.

Author: Adam

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