Beautiful Princess Yeasty Red Vagina Ale

Michele’s colorful name for this American amber ale, dry hopped with Mosaic, and made at do-it-yourself brewery, Citizen Brewers, during a party celebrating a good friend’s birthday, was sadly not selected as the official name for the beer.  I’d like think it was only because we did not make the label required for the group to vote on.

As such, well…it got what you see in the pic.  
I thought that Michele’s suggestion, when shouted over the 20-person table at dinner after a fun day of brewing, drinking, and the like, was well received by the group…except for the person right next to Michele…there was some cringing.  I would like to think it was more due to the volume at which Michele had to speak in order to be heard over the noises at the restaurant, more than the name itself.

As for the beer, I’m pleasantly surprised.  It’s remenisent of micro brew from the Pacific Northwest in the late 80’s.  Malty with pleasant hop bitterness.  

Author: Adam

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