Mi Tata and Tortuguero

Stoked to find one of the Costa Rica Beer Factory restaurants next to our San Jose hotel. Decent local list plus international offerings. Mostly bottles, but a few drafts.

This stop I tried 2 IPAs. Mi Tata is an American IPA brewed by Corcovado Cerveceria Artesanal. A nice mix of pale malt body and citrus/pine hops, but I would have guessed it a percent or more less than the 6% ABV per the label.

Tortuguero is an American IPA brewed by Costa Rica Beer Factory. Profile is more malty, with only slight residual sweetness under the hop bitterness. There is also a herbal/medicinal characteristic, I’m guessing from the hops. Not unpleasant, just different…something I’ve tasted in IPAs I’ve had from the east coast (USA). 6.2% ABV per the bottle.

Author: Adam

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