Treintaycinco Beers

Both of us were disappointed with our choices; a couple beers from a different craft brewery in Costa Rica,Treintaycinco. Both La Penola (IPA) and Lora (golden strong) had off flavors. Anticeptic/ bandaid in both.

IPA had a grapefruit seed extract flavor on top of the anticeptic, and the flavor of…what reminded me of paste from preschool (but less sweet)..and the paste was the best if the flavors. I could not finish it.

Though she kept complaining that her beer didn’t taste right either, and had the scent of E.coli, after my few sips of the IPA, her 8% strong golden tasted pretty darn good. Yeah, I said, I’ll finish it.

Once I regained the sense of taste in my mouth, I could taste what she meant. No way I could finish it either.

Author: Adam

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