Stone Go to IPA

So I tried this the other day.  It comes in an attractive box.  The cans are artistic black and yellow and I thought I was buying one of the latest Stone Hop series.  When I got it home I found out it was the Stone go to IPA.  While Stone is one of my favorite go to IPAs, this session-IPA is not.  It basically tasted like water with a stale Stone beer poured into it.  It reminded me of a weak American Lager.  I was a little upset that I got suckered by pretty packaging, so I decided to make the most of it.  I found a nice goblet glass, filled it with ice, and then put a watermelon Perrier into it.   It was very refreshing and actually improved it a lot.

I doubt I’ll be buying this one again.

Author: Greg Bolcer

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