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BreweryX Chalkboard

Panda Pool Party — Super light lager. True to its name, it tastes like panda piss watered down by a whole swimming pool of water. Other than tasting clean and watery, I can’t recall anything else about it other than I didn’t like it and didn’t care enough to figure out why. From there, we […]


Los Locos

Los Locos is a simple, mexican style light lager. It says a hint of lime with sea salt, but the lime is chemical, sour, and overwhelming. A little tapatio and sea salt helped cut down on the sweet and sour. Imagine either pouring rose’s lime juice into a corona light or a little too much […]


Righteous Son

No review yet, but I got the label to look scary.


Brewery X DIPA By the Minute

My in-laws surprised me for my birthday w/ a massive 32oz can of 8%/111 IBU double IPA from the new local brewery. The world needs a new craft brewery and a new Double IPA like a hole in the head as there are so many of them out there, but this one did surprise. It’s […]


Unsung Slagma Red IPA

The back the can says that “Slagma strikes with a sticky, piney, resinous hop-bite and doesn’t relent. With a strong malt backbone, this vindictive invertebrate will prove to be surprisingly easy to swallow.” I don’t know who writes their marketing, but there’s no piney, resin, or hard to swallow. There is lots of red-malt complexity, […]


Russian River Intinction 2nd Release

Russian River has been flooding my local store w/ uniuqe beers. I am a sucker as I’ll buy everything they release. This week is Intinction. It has a funny wine cover knife on the label which I think represents the pilsner ages in sauvignon blanc barrels and grapes. It tastes like a sour (which I […]


Knee Deep Simtra

I like a lot of Knee Deep Brewing’s beers. I even like some of their IPAs. The label sounded familiar, so I grabbed one. This is just ridiculous and undrinkable. I confused their Citra with Simtra. Coming in at 11.25% with Citra and Simcoe hops that top out at a 131 IBU. They describe it […]


Trestles IPA

Left Coast brewery of San Clemente, California claims that “People that go left are in their right mind.” Last I checked, the point at Trestles break far better right. Trestle’s IPA has IBU’s of 58.5. It’s brewed by a local, family owned Left Coast Brewery in San Clemente. The label claims it’s a light bodied, […]


Modern Times Bedrock

Bedrock is a toasty, malty brown ale made with both coffee and beer.  It has a mild aftertaste of toasted coconut, the coffee gives it a slight roasted chocolate hint, but it’s not sweet at all.   At 30 IBUs and 6.2% it comes in much less than Barley Forge’s 37 IBU 6.6% Patsy, which is […]