Modern Times Bedrock

Bedrock is a toasty, malty brown ale made with both coffee and beer.  It has a mild aftertaste of toasted coconut, the coffee gives it a slight roasted chocolate hint, but it’s not sweet at all.   At 30 IBUs and 6.2% it comes in much less than Barley Forge’s 37 IBU 6.6% Patsy, which is a coconut Rye Stout.  Bedrock a good solid brown ale and the coconut, while a very popular ingredient for 2018, doesn’t get in the way.  The coffee definitely ads to the flavor.  They claim it’s nitrogen-infused, though the tall cans opened surprisingly flatter than I’d expect and there was nothing but a very thin, creamy few bubbles as the head when I poured it into my glass.  It’s enjoyable, but now to my favorite part: the 1970s retro looking cans.  It comes in a four-pack with a snap-on the top plastic carrier.  The cans themselves either a small line of glue (which I heard they are starting to use, but had never seen before) or a really edged can seam.  The first can came out of the group with a resounding snap, but I still can’t tell which it is.

It’s drinkable, but I think the coconut–as popular as it is this year–might get in the way of my personal preferences if I try to have more than one of them.

Author: Greg Bolcer

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