Brewery X DIPA By the Minute

My in-laws surprised me for my birthday w/ a massive 32oz can of 8%/111 IBU double IPA from the new local brewery. The world needs a new craft brewery and a new Double IPA like a hole in the head as there are so many of them out there, but this one did surprise. It’s now on the top of my list. The brewery is called Brewery-X ( They are so new that they don’t even have their beer list up yet at the time of this writing. The can comes w/ instructions that must be obeyed: Recycle the can, store below 50F, enjoy w/in 48 hours, X paths with others. Their motto is “Community. Inspiration. Wellbeing.” Their brewers have held positions in all my other Socal and other favorites (scroll to the bottom).

Unlike other recent double IPAs, this one is flavorful. It’s light in color, dryer versus sweet, crisp, but with a richness. There is a lot of love that went into this beer and the feeling is mutual. As best as I can tell, the actual name of the beer is “DIPA by the Minute”, though that’s not confirmed. It clearly favors hop flavors with none of the bitterness.

I’m going to guess centennial and cascade hops and a high quality pale malt, but we’ll see when and if they release the details.

Bottom line: New favorite.

Author: Greg Bolcer

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