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Panda Pool Party — Super light lager. True to its name, it tastes like panda piss watered down by a whole swimming pool of water. Other than tasting clean and watery, I can’t recall anything else about it other than I didn’t like it and didn’t care enough to figure out why. From there, we skipped most of the rest of the light & easy category. I wouldn’t recommend anything less than the American lager.

Sweatpants & Steel Toes — American lager which someone in our party said tastes like Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Dubya T. Heff — mildy cloudy hefeweizen. A mild fruity sour.

Your Future X — A strong porter, but the coffee and cocoa are almost like an afterthought, like they were flavor additives after the fact and the beer wasn’t actually brewed with it.

Rapture of the Deep — This was one of my favorites. All the names are plays on words or related to the brewer who created it. Nitrogen narcossis is the malady ocean divers have from deepwater dives that makes you loopy and confused. While only at 4.8%, the nitrogen makes it smooth and creamy so it goes down way too fast.

Dolphin Therapist — I’m not a big fan of hazy beers. It was golden straw color with mild haziness with a citrus sweet taste and slightly sour finish.

Pint Whacker — This is a good balanced IPA. Mosaic hops always reminds me of blends to tone down any individual standouts. The best way to describe it is that it’s an American Pale Ale.

Am I Real Yo? — A play on the Amarillo hops, this is a bright, clean, crispy and dry flavorful beer. It’s rich with citrus undertones of grapefruit. This was one of my favorites.

DIPA By the Minute — Another play on words, this is the best beer they have. It’s big, bold, rich, malty, and hoppy. This by far is their best beer on tap. I ended up taking a couple of them home. They can them in 32oz cans right in front of you ( )

Author: Greg Bolcer

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