Seek Beer Co tasters

5 of 9 beers are IPAs today. Good for me and Julie, had she been in town, but not so much for Michele, my bell, had she been in town.

Missed Forward Days and Brighter Glance to keep my intake under 40oz so as to make the 15 plus mile bike ride home.

Fortune, their pilsner, was my first taster, and was good. Could be I was parched and any liquid would have been appreciated. But I like to think it was more than that.

I’m not a pilsner fan. It’s not something I’m going to order at my local tap room. I recall a few lagers I’ve liked and Fall’s Plenty for All is the only pilsner that comes to mind.

Ok. Back to Seek Beer Co…Beautiful Stranger, their west coast IPA, was my fav. Bright, crisp, not too malty a base with lingering finish. Clocking in at 7.5% ABV.

Hazy IPA were also good. Less soft mouth-feel and more bitterness than the NE versions…whi h is preferred. Less cloying.

Author: Adam

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