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Friday Happy Hour with Karl

Sharing a Karl Strauss 23rd Anniversary Ale, a bourbon barrel-aged English Old Ale clocking in at 12.5%ABV, with a Fullsuit Belgian Brown sidecar, with my lady. 


Serious Madness from Mad River

We stopped by Sublime Ale House to use one of the Groupons we purchased.   I settled on the wee dainty glass of Serious Madness, an imperial stout, and the lady chose the Scotch Porter, served in the big boy glass.  Both sodas were from Mad River Brewing…fancy that.      To help rack up the cost we […]


Mary Jane IPA at Rock Bottom La Jolla

A nice balance of malt and hops in this west-coast style IPA clocking in at 7.5% ABV. I thought I got the big boy beer due to happy hour, but was informed that it was due to me sitting next to a pretty girl that has exceeded all available “mug club” awards.  Just sit in […]


Victory Brewing Helios Ale

We were hoping to open a bottle of sunshine on a dreary overcast SoCal day. It didn’t happen. It smelled promising…saison belgian yeast thing going on…the taste was antiseptic notes and the finish like the aftertaste of Chloraseptic sore throat spray…at least what I remember Chloraseptic being like many years ago. Michele described it having […]


Fish Brewing 10 Squared

Yummy malty strong ale (clocking in at 10% abv) somewhere between a porter and a stout. 


Knee Deep Ryedentity Crisis

A very nice strong saison (is 8% strong?) from a brewery I have only heard about.  A great first taste.  I always love walking into great selection at my local watering hole. 


Newer Beers at Green Flash

Trying (from R to L) Rayon Vert, a Belgian-style pale ale, Winter’s Folly, a winter warmer, and I Plead the Fifth, a black IPA.


Sheep Head Ale from Brau Brothers Brewing

Per the label the beer is brewed in Lucan, MN Pop 220.  I wasn’t a big fan, though it could just be the bottle I had….I’m not sure how old the beer was.  The beered poured with very little carbonation….not that it would have helped it.    It had decent hop flavor and more of a […]


Fuego del Otono (Autumn Fire)

I love the beers from Jolly Pumpkin.  What I enjoy even more is trying a beer I haven’t had before.  This didn’t disappoint….light body, with a crisp but slight tart finish…very refreshing.