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Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Trippel

…at Toronado.   At first taste it reminded me of the remnants of a whiskey cocktail after the ice has melted and watered it down.  Next fews sips were much better…flavors better as it warmed.


Damnation at Live Wire

Yep…another full pint being poured where…in most beer bars..this would be a 10oz pour…or something just as minimal.


$8 Pint of Bourbon Angels Share

Another place you would not expect it… The High Dive…yep..just pulling stuff from our backsides.  Dropped in minutes before closing..and drank it waaaay too fast…jeez.


Two Big Boy Beers at the Waterfront

Really…how often are you gonna get full pints of Barrel Aged Victory at Sea or Brandy Barrel Aged Navigator??  Well..I can tell you…not often.  Well, at The Waterfront Ballast Point Tap Takeover…come’n get it.  Can’t y’all here the triangle…ding.ding.ding…


Cynicale from Surly Brewing Co.

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy various cans of Surly beer.  Furious and Bender are the first that come to mind.  The colors and designs on the cans more make them look more like cans of energy drinks.  I enjoyed Cynicale, a saison-style beer.


Great Beer Buy!

Pacific Liquor, on El Cajon Blvd at 30th St., is selling 22oz bombers of Bourbon Barrel-Aged Santa’s Little Helper for $7.49 ea!!  Get them while they’re…cold (and mis-marked)!


Tiger! Tiger!

Typing that I am entering Tiger! Tiger!’s Super Ultra-Soft Open may sound like an act of beastiality, but I assure is not.  I came to enjoy myself and brought a date…or..she brought me.  Maybe that does nothing to assure you. We came for the beer and decided on an Alpine W.H. Ale,their wet hop […]


The Real Last Stop…Backstreet Brewing in Vista

Really, how could we just drive by and not stop…just for a couple of tastes. And as tired as we were, we are glad we did. Malane’s Request Coffee Stout, a barrel aged beer called Murder by Death and Dolman’s Dark Star. Looking over and seeing Michele’s nose in Dolman’s Dark Star was reminiscent of the end […]


The Brewhouse…

…our ninth stop on the Santa Barbara beer adventure (for those who are counting), had 13 house brews available, so of course we tried one of each. Orange Crush XXX was interesting, but not necessarily good.  It was like an orange liquor that had ice cubes melt in it.  I think it would have made […]