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In Need of a Good Spring Cleaning

Though I have consumed some of the liquid samples that were stored in my fridge, I still have some.  The whole bottom shelf, the bottom shelf of the door, and now bottles have moved up on to one of the condiment shelves.  I really need to dedicate some time to some spring cleaning; a day…maybe […]


Samuel Adams Imperial Double Bock

Home after a nice lunch and decided to try the second of my Samuel Adams Imperial Series, the Double Bock.  At 9.5% I may just need to take this sitting down. just made me thirsty for something with hops.


A little Hair of the Dog

Home after a long-ass week, and enjoying a great beer. As I pulled the bottle from the fridge I realized I still hadn’t  posted my pix from my last day in Oregon.  I made time to hit a couple breweries before my flight of flavorless beer.  I hit Hopworks Urban Brewery (we met them when […]


A moment to relax in the sun

The last load of laundry in drying on the line, the pool has been vacuumed and skimmed, weeds pulled from the back lawn and did a little watering, I even made a trip to the library to drop off and pick up books as well as catch-up on some of my Oregon postings.  Time to […]


Crescent Oregon

Between Eugene and Crescent, we encountered a lot of weather.  We had rain (and even saw the end of a rainbow), fog, hail, sleet and snow.  Another thing I noticed while driving on the 58 was the abundance of taxidermist signs.  Some were more professional looking, and may or may not have had a building […]


Eugene Brewery #4 – HopValley Brewing Co

HopValley Brewing Co. is not actually in Eugene, but just east of I-5 and slightly north in the town of Springfield.  Having no clue where I was going, I called HopValley and the kind girl gave me turn by turn directions.  The drive was less than 10-minutes. I quickly browsed the beer menu and selected […]


Eugene Brewery #3 – Eugene City Brewing

Eugene City Brewing is a couple blocks south from Steelhead, and is owned by Rogue.   The place was empty.  Now it was before noon on the Monday after Easter, but still…where was everybody?  They had a large group of taps so I got closer to take a look. Instead of me choosing I told my […]


Eugene Brewery #2 was Ninkasi Brewing

Everywhere I went I asked my server, or other patrons, where they would recommend I go for my next beer.  My server at Steelhead pointed me to Ninkasi Brewing.  Unlike all the other places I had visited, this was not a brew pub; it was a production brewery only. Their taps for tasting while I […]


Samuel Adams Imperial White

While out today I purchase one each of the Samuel Adams Imperial Series.  Today’s sampling was the Imperial White, a wheat ale brewed with spices, which clocks in at 10.3% alc./vol.  wow