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Jolly Pumpkin E.S. Bam

A 750ml of hoppy farmhouse ale while doing my civic duty of filling out 1/4″ tall pile census forms.


FNG, Homework and My Nuts…

…in alphabetical order, all on my dining room table.  I can’t keep my hands off my nuts so I’m putting them away so I can concentrate on the two other items.


2011 Owens Valley Wet Harvest Lager

Mammoth Brewing Company used locally harvested Cascade hops in what they are calling an imperial pale ale.  Body seems kind of light for and imperial (label says 6.8%).  Very mild hop for a pale, but drinkable.  Need to hydrate anyway after my bike ride and yard work…while making chicken rice soup.


More Brown Than Black IPA

A collaboration beer from The Alchemist, Ninkasi and Stone.    At first pour the hoppy nose was promising.  The flavor was good but not quite what I was hoping for based on the smell.  Wish I opened the bottle sooner.


Beers at Slocums

Easy to find in Mammoth…not sure how to pronounce the name of the place, but guessing “slow-comes”. Must be a name and not a description.  I had an Epic IPA from Mammoth Brewing and the lady had a Black Butte Porter.  A chalk board indicated that the beer of the month was Green Flash Double […]


TBA Collaboration

Poured cold, the first sip and the nose of this collaboration beer, from Bear Republic Brewing, Fat Head’s Brewery and Stone, is all hops.  As it warms the roasted malt is more pronounced…yummy.  Hmmm…TBA?  (T something) Brown Ale?  Twisted, or ticklish, or tower, or tiny, or turd, or tree, or triangle…..Oooohhh…just informed…. Texas Brown Ale…good […]


Jacuzzi bound with Pretty Things

Babayaga in unglass glassware.  Named after a folkloric old woman who dwells in the wilderness of eastern Europe, lives in a hut supported by chicken legs, flies on a giant pestle and occasionally eats a baby.  Yummy…we like Pretty Things.


Post holiday Noel de Calabaza

Per the sticker on the back it was bottled 6 Oct 2010.  I didn’t think we had the beer in the fridge that long….but who knows.  Tastes great….perfect for a Tuesday pre happy-hour beer.  Cheers.