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A delish 10.5% ABV Belgian Quad. Yum



I read Thundera and don’t think amazon warrior woman comic book character….I think the beginning of AC/DC Thunderstruck Things assumed from the pic. Hazy India Pale Ale, from a can and made by Modern Times. If you assumed I also drank it, you are correct. Nice hop nose and soft mouth-feel, juicy up front, mild […]


Agreeable Folk

Trying out a new beer glass. Didn’t quite hold 16oz, but a nice gift nonetheless. Oh.. the beer was good to, a crisp west coast IPA, which I attribute more to the brewery than the glass.


…movement of jah people

When I listen I still hear “moving hoards of people”, which, in my opinion, is much less inspiring.   Looking forward to a patio pint at our beloved Amplified Ale Works. Cheers.


Juicy IPA Version 9

From Untitled Art. Though bitterness is a bit more pronounced on the finish I think it’s a nice version of a juicy IPA. Clocking in at 7% ABV doesn’t hurt either….. unless you are still working through dry January.


Head Full of Dynomite

Nice juicy IPA from Seattle’s Fremont Brewing. Sniff, sniff…fruit and citrus on the nose…sip,sip…which follows through nicely in taste. Sip, sip…soft mouth-feel and…sip, sip.. mild bitterness. Whoa… it’s gone!


Happy National Beer Can Appreciation Day

Recognizing the great day in 1935 when beer was first sold in cans. Quite happy with Three Weavers, The Messenger. A bright citrus forward 7.2% ABV IPA with great hop flavors.


Ondineke Tripel

An 8.5% ABV tripel from De Glazen Toren. Good. More dry and less sweet than others.



A 7.1% ABV vanilla oatmeal stout from Institution Ale Co. Smells sweeter than it tasted. Nice mouth feel and roasted malt flavors. I would have guessed a lower ABV based on taste. Merry ho ho.