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Smokin’ Kiwi

The new batch is quite good. They dialed down the smoked malts which puts more emphasis on the New Zealand hop characteristics.


Zero Moustafa

Per the label 4 Lbs per barrel of dry hopping and no hops in the boil. Easy drinking, but it ain’t gonna replace my love of bitter beers. A collaboration from Mason and Offshoot Beer Co. Hmm…looks like it cost $2.59.


Say When IPA

Right out of da can. Getting a lot of melon notes.


Chunk Machine

It may have been murky when bottling and when first on draft, but by the time I poured to enjoy this unfiltered double IPA, it was chunky. An enjoyable West Coast double IPA, but nothing outstanding.


Scorpion Bowl IPA

Scorpion Bowl sounds like something I should be smoking. First few sips I tasted melon. Not so much now.


Hazy Little Thing IPA

I greatly enjoyed this offering from Sierra Nevada. The pale malt body is quite different than most of their choices, and showcases the hop characteristics well. Pleasent mild bitterness, with juicy flavors of citrus and freshly cut grass.


Mosaic IPA

Damn fine beverage, irregardless of current ownership. Perfect to sip and enjoy in the late afternoon sun.


New English Tasters

L to R – Training Wheels, Whole Lotta Hazy, Blueberry Blonde, Hop Slap’d No. 5. Greatly enjoyed their Whole Lotta Hazy IPA…it’s a keeper. Nice mix of juicy and West Coast-style hops over pale malt body. Also tried the cask of Pure & Simple, and preferred over the regular version.


Ho Ho Ho

Suffering through an old Christmas beer. Thinking it may pair well with the cheese and crackers leftover from the x-mas party that I haven’t gotten around to throwing out.