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Yay…Dolphin Sparkles!

Who doesn’t love dolphin sparkles?  Yay!  It falls somewhere between a NE hazy IPA and west coast IPA.  Smooth and juicy but with with a bit more bitterness on the finish.


Fremont Sky Kraken

Quite happy with this 5.5% ABV hazy pale ale. Grassy-citrusy hop notes with mild bitterness.


Shamanic Whip

Grabbed on a whim and pleasently surprised by Wayfinder’s Shamanic Whip. A nose of tangerine and subtle pineapple. Medium body, nice balance with mildly bitter finish. 6% ABV. …???…Shamanic Whip III: Quest for the elusive whip? Hmm.. looks like I failed to use the proper drinking vessel.


Green Cheek Sleepin In

Quite happy with this one after… what else…sleeping in. Great hop flavors with mild bitterness. Snagged this at BLAH.



Quite happy with my Brainwave. Delish citrus/pine hop flavors, medium body, with pronounced, but not overwhelming, bitterness but oddly doesn’t linger too much. Yum


Galaxy Baby

Juicy and soft…delish. Finish has hint of black pepper. 


Modern Times Beer

Not a bad one in the bunch. L to R…or upper left to lower right since I can’t seem to rotate the pic… Poolside fruited IPA, Dragon Mask – Chocolate Churo Addition, and Stratos with Nelson hazy DIPA collaboration with Alvarado Street Brewery. Low ABV was Stratos at 8% with churo at 13%. Yum


Wet Zeppelin

Seems like it’s been a few years since I’ve had this wet hop IPA, from Amplified Ale Works, but then again, 2020 itself feels like it’s been a 5+year experiment… and we’re only 9 months into the year. Quite tasty. At 6.5% ABV could be classified a pale ale.