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Central Coast Tasters

We tried L to R a Belgian-style tripel, a pale ale, an IPA, a kinda hazy IPA and a fruited kettle sour. Dude, It’s Not Even Hazy , second from the right, was my fav, while hers was the imperial kettle sour, Raspberry Sunrise, the colorful one on the far right.


Swami’s I.P.A.

I drink a lot of Swami’s, and doubt I’m the only one. Cheers


Electric Chair

Still quite happy with this 50 IBU 6% ABV pale ale collaboration from Amplified and the one-man-band, Low Volts. Hard to beat the $4 per 16oz can for on site consumption going on in PB.


Imperial Cabinet

This collaboration beer between The Bruery and Jester King is one of the most interesting beers I’ve had. Inspired by the Ramos Gin Fiz, originally concocted in 1888 by Henry Ramos the owner of the Imperial Cabinet Saloon in New Orleans, LA, it is tart and sweet, even a bit salty, notes of oat barrel […]


Pure Project Madeline

Very refreshing oak aged saison. Tasting notes just as described on the bottle so I just took the pic to save me from typing with my thumbs…where I would just make a mistake and retype over and over.


Goutte d’Or L’Herbe Bleue

Quite happy with this 6.2% French saison that my son smuggled back for me on his recent trip to Paris. Very refreshing. Nose reminds me of a lemon sparkling /wine seltzer water..maybe a Radler but not as sweet smelling. Body is light and effervescent. The finish is clean with strong notes of lemon/lime fruit.


A Terrible Idea

Damn fine collaboration IPA, in the hazy style, from bay area breweries Fieldwork Brewing and 21st Ammendment Brewing. Standing room only at Small Bar. $5 Fieldwork and 21st Ammendment beers all day. Always nice to see so many familiar faces.


Marine Dream IPA

Who knew Coronado Brewing had an “art series” line of cans? Happy with the beer too.


Stone Anni-Matter

Stone going retro and releasing a non-hazy double IPA for their 22nd Anniversary ale. Maybe last year’s release was unfiltered, but I think the one before that wasn’t…though not sure. I could check on the interweb and get a whole list of releases…do some fact checking…but I really don’t care. I’m just going to enjoy […]