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A 5.5% ABV dry-hopped saison with peaches from Whiner Beer Co. Quite nice. Light-bodied, Belgian yeast-like esters with citrus notes and a dry finish.


Flying Tiger Jucee

A juicy pale ale from Shreveport’s Flying Tiger Brewing. I liked it, but didn’t find it very juicy. Nose was of grassy hops, medium bodied with mild bitterness and somewhat dry finish. 6% ABV was a nice aspect as well.


Fast Food

From Chicago’s Whiner Beer Co., this 5.5% ABV “foggy IPA” has some off notes.  Nose of bandaid adhesive which cares through to the astringent flavor.  Sorry, but had to dump…yuck.


Screaming Dawn

I enjoyed it. Nice citrus hop notes, with mild bitterness reminiscent of grapefruit peel. 6.4% ABV. Imported into Louisiana from Wisconsin’s Wild Mind Artisan Ales.


Pure Tropics

Nice tropical fruit notes on the nose with a juicy flavor, but not sweet, with a clean finish and virtuallyno bitterness. 2019 GABF gold metal winner under the emerging IPA category.


Particle Physics Pale Ale

Exactly what I wanted. A nose of citrus and tropical fruit, juicy with grassy hop notes, mildly bitter finish that lingers a bit. All that and only 5.5% ABV. From NYs, Equilibrium Brewery.


Zelator Tropical Lollipop

Always happy to find Omnipollo beers locally. This collaboration is no exception. Nose has wonderful notes of citrus, pineapple and mango. Full bodied juicy flavors with soft mouth-feel. Not overly sweet, nicely balanced, with mild bitterness on the finish. Would not have guessed it was 10% ABV.


Mosaic Robot Fighter

The nose is a rush of sweet juicy citrus. Super soft mouth-feel with notes of tropical fruit. Nice balance where it doesn’t taste sweet but also very low bitterness. 6.7% ABV. Well done.


Fremont Sky Kraken

Doing my part for National Drink A Beer Day. Enjoying a juicy pale ale made in the hazy-style. 5.5% ABV.