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Oni ni Haramaki IPA

Fairly predictable for me to order an IPA. A 7.5% ABV is even better. Very happy with this west coast style. Much needed after a hot day of trekking about the surrounding area. Found this one at Goodbeer Faucets, Shibuya Tokyo. She chose the house beer Pineapple Life, a 4.5% ABV fruit beer..quite sweet, but […]


Delta IPA…

….an enjoyable Belgian IPA made by Brussels Beer Project, for me and NEUF, a Belgian golden strong ale collaboration from from Japan’s Barbaric Works and BBP, made to celebrate the first anniversary of Tokyo Belgian Beer Project, for the lady. A nice find just blocks away from our hotel in Shinjuku….even nicer to have today […]


Iron Joe

Way too much coffee for me, but she really likes it. I can’t taste oak or scotch ale for that matter…but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere to get to 8% ABV.


Tower Station IPA

I think it just dropped below 100-degs outside here in the shade. This IPA from Mother Road Brewing is tasting pretty darn good right now. If you don’t drink fast the beer gets hot.


Watermelon & Juicy Goodness

This 4.8% ABV wheat ale had a sweet watermelon nose but not much watermelon on the flavor, and had bitter finish that I wasn’t pleased with. The 5.5% ABV dry hopped golden ale tastes just like a dry hopped golden ale; nice citrus nose but not the juicy flavors I was hoping it would have.


OHSO Boom Dynamite

A local juicy 7.2% ABV IPA with strong notes of tropical fruits. How fitting considering I found it at Kaleidoscope Juice in downtown Phoenix.


Arizona Wilderness

Three thousand words worth… Not a bad beer in the bunch…her fav, not difficult to imagine, is the Arrastra. I couldn’t say my fav..I’m very much enjoying both The Roosevelts and Klothos Temple.


Goldwater Hop Chowda

The best beer of the day was also my last. Quite happy with this juicy 6.4% ABV New England-style IPA from Goldwater Brewing in Scottsdale, AZ. Went well with my cottage pie pasty at downtown Cornish. One of the few places open late on a Sunday.


Prison Hill Brewing Tasters

Really liked the Chango Malo, but a bit too sweet to enjoy with lunch…hmm..maybe I should order chicken n waffles. Anywho…I didn’t and went with Fog Thoughts.