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Merry Christmas with a Cold Snap

Starting this afternoon leading into Christmas eve with a spicy, cold and flavorful Sam Adams cold snap….

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Brewery X Mango Chili Hard Seltzer

This one comes to me via a friend who described this as “liquid paint (not panty) remover.”…

A can of Stone Ruination beer on a cutting board next to a glass full of the beer
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Stone Ruination circa 2023

Stone Ruination IPA circa December 2023

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Cali Squeeze

Firestone-Walker blood orange Hef. Actually tastes like drinking orange juice

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Early Celebration

Walked into my Tuesday lunch spot to find Sierra Nevada’s Celebration on tap. Fresh, hoppy and delicious.

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Revisiting the Ten Commandments

Came across this bottle in the cellar. Undated, so I believe it is a 2007 Ten Commandments…

A glass of a beer on a bar
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Mango Cart Hef

From Golden Road brewing up in LA. Literally tastes like a cart full of mangos. I’m not…

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Huuge Hooch Black IPA

Rapper / IT Dude / Acrobat / Entrepreneur Huuge has released a limited edition black IPA. Sources…

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Harland Brewing India Pale Whale

Harland Brewing India Pale Whale – cryo-hopped pale ale clocking in at 6% ABV with a medium body, light color and low hop profile.

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My Old Friend Duet

Wandered into Best Pizza and Brew to find Alpine’s Duet on tap. Hadn’t seen it in a…