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Icy Bay IPA

Say what you want about flying, but at least Alaska Air serves decent beer from Alaska.


Trestles IPA

At Mr. Petes’ in San Clemente enjoying a Le Left Coast trestles IPA just north of trestles the beach.


Heavy Lifting and Rye on Rye on Rye 

While in KCMO I stopped into Boulevard Brewing’s HQ for a few tasters with and old friend. Heavy Lifting is an IPA, which at 6.2% isn’t heavy at all. And Rye on Rye on Rye a stout aged in rye barrels. It’s got a boozy kick but a nice, clean finish.


Barley Forge The Patsy

Enjoying a coconut porter by our friend Kevin Buckley @barleyforge. Seem to remember this one in an ealier iteration when it was PB Tap house Toasted Coconuts on Rye. Nice and balanced without too much on the coconut end.


Smell You Later IPA

At Pizza Port in San Clemente having another one of their IPAs. 6.7% ABV


Iconic double IPA

Wife slipped this into my glass without telling me. Hangar 24’s DIPA. A well balanced and very drinkable IPA that just happens to be 9% ABV. One 12 ounce bottle and I am already feeling it. Pretty sure the Mrs. is trying to roofie me, but I like this beer enough that I am okay […]


Round 2 IPA

After leaving to open Artifex Brewing up in Orange County, Chris has returned as head brewer of Backstreet, Vista. Celebrating his return, he brewed up a delicious IPA he calls (fittingly) “Round 2.” At 7.6% abv, two rounds is probably all I will be able to handle.


Row 2 Hill 56

At Russian River having a pint before dinner. Row 2 Hill 56, a hoppy delicious pale ale.


Riley’s Red from Little Apple

Back in manhattan, KS so naturally I hadon’t to.drop in to Little Apple Brewing Co. surprisingly warm for mid-November here. Mid 70’s. Cold beer is just the ticket.