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La fin du monde

It’s a Belgian, it’s a triple at 9%, it tastes awesome.  Not much more to say…


Maiden the Shade by Ninkasa

Seasonal release IPA.  Like all summer IPAs I like mine extra cold but didn’t have the patience to put it in the freezer, so yes that’s ice.  It’s a full bodied IPA, not a session one so even with the ice it doesn’t have that watered down taste–as it shouldn’t as it’s 6.8% by volume […]


Lost Coast Raspberry Brown

Dark color, light taste. Only a small taste of raspberry but it balances out well. It’s got a rich brown malt finish.


Ballast Tart Peach Kolsch

Complex and taste differs how you drink it. It’s either tart, sour, or rich and complex. It had a lot of dry peach.  It’s different but surprisingly good–even for someone who really doesn’t like fruity beers.


Ballast CA Kolsch

Rich golden hops and malts. Not sure why it’s California other than it’s fun to drink at the beach while watching the surf.


Orange Curtain IPA sixer

Barley Forge has made a nice home for itself in Orange County.  This is one of my favorite easy drinking India Pale Ales as it goes for flavorful versus bitter.  Some claim hints of orange and pear, but it doesn’t taste fruity to me at all. Don’t let its mild manner fool you though as […]


Beachwood Udder Love

Best stout and best milk stout I’ve ever tasted.  Toasty, smooth, creamy all at the same time.  Even though it came in a bottle, it tastes like it’s straight out of a tap.


Belgian Sour

Duchesse de Bourgonne Sour Belgian.  Imagine a Diet Coke mixed with dry vermouth and cherry pop rocks.  My first, second, and third reactions were that I absolutely hated it. After an hour and if you take a small sip, you might be able to appreciate some of the craftsmanship that went into it, but it’s […]


Duvel Golden Ale

I got 4 bottles and a glass for Christmas.  The box that it came in came with a whole variety of rules on what exact angle to hold the glass and for how long, which position to store it, and what exact temperature to store it.  Not being one to follow the rules, I splashed […]