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Mikhail Stone Espresso Imperial Russian Stout

The actual full name is Small Batch Escondido Satirist Mikhail Bulgakov author of The Master and Margarita Stone Espresso Imperial Russian Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels.  According to the back label, they age it 14 months in American Oak Kentucky Bourbon barrels.  This particular bottle has a brewed date of July 17, 2016 and bottled […]


Golden Road: Ride On IPA

It’s light, crisp, clear, and citrusy.  Golden Road is a local Los Angeles brewery.  Their IPA is, while really good, a middle of the road beer given the competition they are up against with everybody and their cousin trying to launch a West Coast IPA.  That said, it’s extremely drinkable and this is my all-time […]


Founders Mango Magnifico

My friends had me try this as they knew I am a sometime fan of Tecate, lime, salt, and Tapatio. The mango makes it overly sweet. It’s got a very smooth feel with a slight banana taste. At the end is a firey rush. It’s not something I’d buy, but it was fun to taste. […]


Monster’s Park by Modern Times Special Release

I asked the cashier to check the receipt again. My Friday trip to the local beer and wine mart is used to high markups, but $44 for a couple of Modern Times releases couldn’t be right. He confirmed that the Modern Times Monster’s Park was indeed $29.99 w/o tax. What the hell, I’d give it […]


21st Amendment Friday Night Variety

Tales from the Kettle — Scottish style and black tea ale Fireside Chat — Winter seasonal brew, strong ale with spices Sneak Attack — Winter Saison, crisp, dry rich Blah Blah Blah DIPA — Deep gold double IPA, 9 hops, juicy & chewy


Hail to the Hop Thief

It’s a double IPA, and even though they claim it’s unfiltered, it’s actually pretty clear, clean, crisp, and dry.  It’s thinker than a regular IPA though not syrupy at all.  It reminds me of a matured Enjoy By where it matured well.  That and I like the blue labeling on the bottle.  It stands out […]


El Sully Mexican Lager

21st Amendment’s version of a traditional Mexican Lager. It’s pretty down the line 4.8% style one, with a slight toasty smell and faint butter aftertaste that’s only possible if you are comparing it head to head w/ a mass marketed one. The carbonation is finer w/ smaller bubbles and what’s even better, it’s missing the […]


La fin du monde

It’s a Belgian, it’s a triple at 9%, it tastes awesome.  Not much more to say…


Maiden the Shade by Ninkasa

Seasonal release IPA.  Like all summer IPAs I like mine extra cold but didn’t have the patience to put it in the freezer, so yes that’s ice.  It’s a full bodied IPA, not a session one so even with the ice it doesn’t have that watered down taste–as it shouldn’t as it’s 6.8% by volume […]