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Elysian Great Jasmine Not

Elysian is my new favorite brewer.  Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA is not. It’s more saccharin than a vanilla at sea on nitrogen.  It’s drinkable, but so is Stella when you need to.


San Clemente Left Coast Pale Ale — The perfect ending to your week

I have a lot of go-to beers.  Sculpin IPA is one as long as there’s no fruit in it.  Coronado Idiot is just one of my all time favorites.   San Clemente Left Coast’s beer is just the right beer at the right time.  It’s better than Pizza Port’s Kook,  6.5% by volume.  Some nice crisp […]


On a Mission to Plunder

In a world of popular session IPAs this is a real IPA, thank goodness someone brewed a complex IPA which as rich as you can get.  It’s got all the taste of a West coast DIPA, but the smoothness of a regular IPA with some bite of citrus and pine.  This beer is so rich […]


Mischief rising

A little young, sour and yeasty, but a great golden Belgian ale.  A little malt and maturity would make this one go a long way. It’s got a unique dryness that makes it worth drinking.  I bought it at OC wine mart in YL for $7.99 so worth the price.