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No @Taproom, we don’t chug our craft beer

Just as we ordered our Rodenbach and Celebration, took pictures, made a nice post, and started to sip our beers, the staff started yelling at everyone to chug there beers and leave. We were not told at time of purchase that closing time was so near…. The owner, manager, and bouncer were extremely rude, and […]


Pizza Port Ocean Beach Opens Tonight

After a long delay (I heard once that it was opening in October 2009), Pizza Port is opening their fourth, and perhaps most anticipated, location in Ocean Beach tonight, May 14 at 5pm. Here’s the announcement as it went out Pizza Port cousin Port Brewing/Lost Abbey’s Facebook page: Word just came from Gina that our […]


SDBW – Thursday Art Exhibit and Beer Tasting

I had read that Green Flash Brewing Co. was open all week for tastings and tours for San Diego Beer Week, so I headed over after work. Grant was nice enough to pour  me a few tasters.  30th Street Pale Ale, Gruit (a hopless herb beer), Hop Head Red, West Coast IPA, Palate Wrecker Double […]


SDBW – Hump day at Ritual Tavern then Toronado

After a long-ass day I stopped at the Ritual Tavern and rewarded myself with an Armada Imperial IPA, a collaboration brew from Mission Brewery and Dean Rouleau of San Diego Brewing Co. A short walk and I was at Toronado…along with everyone else in San Diego.   As usual I did not get close to tasting […]


Help us cover SD Beer Week

With well over 200 events for San Diego Beer Week (begins tomorrow!), there’s no way our intrepid reporters can cover the happenings as thoroughly as we’d like, so we’re solicting folks who will be here to help us cover the event(s) as widely as possible (for posterity, of course). If you’re going to be in […]


Free Bottle of Duck Duck Gooze for Every Vote

That’s a total lie, of course. Even if I had that much Duck Duck there’s no way I’d be giving it to you for free. But it did get you here, which was my intent all along. And now for my real, much more nefarious, purpose: The slightly blurry gentleman (and I use the term […]


GABF & Oktoberfest here we come!

Hey when we say we travel the world to bring you the best beer pix, we’re not kidding (actually we’ve never said that, but anyway…). This week the MyBeerPix crew will be fanning out to two of the world’s great beer festivals and sharing what goes on with you. Molly, Adam and I are heading […]


Apparently SOME people can get Cable Car

If you went to the pre-Stone 13th Anniversary party at Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey around 11:00 on Saturday, you may have noticed these three suspicious characters hovering around a bottle of the much-coveted Cable Car. Apparently some people can get Cable Car whenever they want it.