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Screaming Dawn

I enjoyed it. Nice citrus hop notes, with mild bitterness reminiscent of grapefruit peel. 6.4% ABV. Imported into Louisiana from Wisconsin’s Wild Mind Artisan Ales.


Green Cheek Sleepin In

Quite happy with this one after… what else…sleeping in. Great hop flavors with mild bitterness. Snagged this at BLAH.


Free Day 2020

Flavor-wise, an unfiltered double IPA with piney and resinous hop characteristics and malty base with no residual sweetness. Discretion Brewing’s annual release in celebration of independence day. With numbers like 8.9% and 74 IBU… what more could you ask for? Oddly worded on the can.  Double hazy implies double the haze, unlike a hazy double […]



North Park Beer Co’s 4th anniversary beer is a super juicy hazy triple IPA with nice notes of pineapple and mango.  Though you can smell the alcohol I would not have guessed 10% ABV. It’s like a prize for being good today.


Cosmic Omnibus

A delish hazy IPA collaboration from Alesmith and Modern Times. Tropical fruits on the nose with soft mouth-feel and very mild, almost a mild black pepper like, bitterness on the finish that dissipates quickly.


South of Hazin’

A refreshing hazy from TapRoom Beer Co.  Nice hoppy nose, but lower bitterness than you would think based on the nose.  Bitterness lingers a bit but finishes clean.  Good enough for me to have another.  The 7% ABV ain’t bad either.


Chasing Mosaic

Citrusy fruit on the nose. Flavors of stonefruit, melon and citrus. Mild bitterness that finishes clean. All that and 6.4% ABV.


Happy Independence Day!

We’ve been saving a few of these cans for today. Though likely the best for all that it was canceled, we missed not having the the Bird Rock neighborhood Beaumont Avenue parade. Today would have been the 41st year. Cheers