Angel’s Share This Weekend!

Yeah, the cat’s a bit out of the bag (I’ve seen the news on the beer forums), but if you hadn’t heard, Lost Abbey’s The Angel’s Share is out this Saturday, November 10th!

Brewery doors open at 10am and everyone is limited to 6 bottles (and they’re taking ID, so don’t bother to try and come back for more). Cost is going to be $15/bottle and the supply is pretty limited, so get there early. (It’s not going into distribution — brewery sale only.)

Full details are on the Lost Abbey website.

We were there last weekend for th bottling. Here’s a few photos for your viewing pleasure:

The Angel’s Share filling lineBaumer (left) lines up empty bottles on the left while Adam and Damien (center) fill and move them to the right

Bottles lined up on the filler

The Angel’s Share filling lineTomme (second from right) runs the corker and Bo (far right) the wire capper.

The Angel’s Share bottles awaiting their wire capsCorked bottles awaiting their caps and wires. Is one of those bottles yours?

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