Strong Ale Festival in Carlsbad this weekend

Strong Ale Festival at Pizza Port Carlsbad this weekendThis weekend in the 11th Annual Strong Ale Festival at Pizza Port, Carlsbad. It runs from 4pm to 11pm Friday (tonight), and from 11am to 11pm Saturday. There’s also a VIP session that runs from 1pm to 4pm today.

Alas, it’s raining right now, so the VIP event may be a little soggy (word has it they’re fixing that by covering the entire event area with canopies), but that’s okay because Molly and I won’t be there anyway ( 🙁 ). We’ll be tending bar over at Lost Abbey instead.

We will, however, be in attendance for tomorrow’s session. The weatherman has promised clear skies and Molly has a new English wench dress she’s been dying to wear. We should be showing up around 5pm and hanging out through close, so make sure to say ‘howdy’ if you see us.

For all the details on the Strong Ale festival, check out the Pizza Port Website

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