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Spicy fries and a pint for lunch



Molly worked up a thirst buying clothes in San Francisco so we had to duck into a pub for a black and tan and an order of spicy french fries


  1. Jim L

    Were you able to go to Anchor while you were in San Francisco? I was there last week and was able to take a tour Thursday morning. How about BJ’s brewpub?

  2. Dave

    Hey Molly! I am coming to SD for a couple days this week to drink all the great beer that is being tapped for the Craft Brewers Conference!!

    Any inside scoop you can give me on where to go? Sounds like O’Briens will be awesome every night of the week…

  3. Beer Molly

    San Francisco was a quick trip in and out in 24 hours with a business dinner wrapped up inside. Yes the beer did suck at dinner. They were serving wine ~ Yuck. So, we only had time for one bar and we choose The Tornado. The service was great and I tip my hat to the two bartenders.

    I really did want to go Monks Kettle and Anchor Brewery but we just couldn’t. Well it gives us a reason to head back.




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