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A Visit from Saint Peter

Amy, Beer Molly and Pete Schloseberg at the brewery

Amy, Beer Molly and Pete Schloseberg at the brewery

On our way to pour at the Tucson beer festival a couple of weeks ago, we swung by the brewery to pick up three kegs of High Tide.

It was a Friday morning so we weren’t expecting anyone but the brewery crew to be there. But as we walked into the brewhouse, there was Tomme standing at the bar pouring Angel’s Share, Cuvee de Tomme and other barrel-aged rarities, and sharing them with a couple I’d never seen before.

As Molly and I walked up to the bar Tomme said, “Sage, this is Pete Schlosberg and his wife Amy.”

The gentleman and I shook hands, and I said “I know you for some reason. Are you a beer writer?”

Before he could answer, Tomme rolled his eyes and said “Pete. As in Pete’s Wicked Ale.”

Doh! (I’m such an idiot sometimes.)

Rather than grabbing the kegs and getting on our way immediately, I stayed and had a pint with Tomme and Pete while Molly and Amy had a Bloody Mary (it was still morning). We chatted and it turns out that one of the founding members of the American craft beer movement is just a plain, ordinary guy (as is just about everyone else in this business).

Very cool. Hope to see him again.

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