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Pre-GABF Housecleaning


Tearing down the conference room at The Lost Abbey

Housecleaning the Lost Abbey way

We’re off to the GABF today, where we’ll be broadcasting live Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (Thursday isn’t an official show day, so you can just join us as we wander through Denver seeking the best beer Colorado has to offer).

However, in the run up to the festival, we’ve actually been quite busy… just haven’t posted much.

So before we hit Denver tonight, I thought I’d do a little housecleaning and share with you what we’ve been up to for the past couple of weeks.

Oh, and what’s that photo all about? That’s Dave demolishing the conference room at Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey this week to make way for a new bottling area. (It pretty much still looks like this because everybody left for the GABF).

So, what do you think ?