Photos from The Lost Abbey Sinners and Saints party

Patron Sinners and Saints Party at The Lost Abbey
Patron Sinners and Saints Party at The Lost Abbey

I just posted a photo slideshow from last Saturday’s (October 18) Patron Sinners and Saints party over at The Lost Abbey website.

The atmosphere was cool — the brewery lit only by candles and strategic lighting under the barrels and it was great to see so many Sinners and Saints together for the first time. (I’m also thinking the brewery is drawing a lot of very attractive women these days.)

My only regrets from the evening were the premature death of my camera battery (too much flash photography), and the fact that we couldn’t get the DVD player on the big screen working so we were forced to watch the Lost Abbey video in low res from YouTube.

Otherwise, the combination of people, Vince’s food, great beer, and the live performance by Dead Feather Moon (who wrote the song in the video), made for an outstanding evening.

» Click here to see the photo slideshow

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