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Matutu Brewery (Cook Islands)

The only operating brewery in the Cook Islands, Matutu Brewery brews Mai Lager and Kiva Pale Ale… Limited by availability of raw materials, they struggle to keep up with demand. Bottles are collected and reused, and fingers crossed in hopes that ingredients arrive as scheduled from their governing country, New Zealand. Glad to try local […]


Craft Beer and Cook’s Confab at the Stingaree

Last Sunday we attended the Cook’s Confab on the roof of the Stingaree Restaurant in San Diego’s beautiful Gaslamp district. The theme of these confabs is to pair the region’s best and brightest chefs with local growers, winemakers and brewers. A portion of the proceeds go to benefit the Slow Food Urban San Diego. This […]


Weekend Roadtrip: Hangar 24 Craft Brewery

A couple of weeks back we decided to take a little roadtrip inland to Hangar 24 Craft Brewery in Redlands, California. We’d heard about Hangar 24 over a year ago while Beer Molly and I were hanging out in Las Vegas. At the time they were shutting down the brew pub in the Monte Carlo […]


When life gives you a recession: make beer

The Wall Street Journal has an article today about the rise of craft brewing even as the rest of the economy is in the tank (or should I say fermenter?). Turns out a lot of folks who were laid off, downsized, or otherwise de-employed are tapping their inner entrepreneur and getting into the micro-brewing business. […]


Beer Photo of the Week: “Break Time”

This photo doesn’t really have anything to do with anything other than the other day I caught Mike Rodriguez (aka: Port’s new brewer, “Monkey” Mike) taking a little time out in the barrel room to “catch up on his reading.”   His wife assured me that he usually does that elsewhere, but the “library” might […]


Please welcome our new contributors

As a few of you have observed, in an attempt to bring ever more interesting beer pix, we’ve recently added several new contributors to the blog. So you can connect the beers with the names we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new beer bloggers. Matt Dolman, Foreign Correspondent Accountant by […]


Friday: Brewpubs in Colorado Springs, CO

Friday we took the time to visit a few local brew pubs/ breweries in Colorado Springs. Trinity Brewing – Awaken Stout Trinity Brewing – Flo IPA Our next stop was Phantom Canyon Brewing Co. At Phantom Canyon I chose the beer sampler of the eight beers they had on tap. My brother chose a pint […]


Photos from The Lost Abbey Sinners and Saints party

I just posted a photo slideshow from last Saturday’s (October 18) Patron Sinners and Saints party over at The Lost Abbey website. The atmosphere was cool — the brewery lit only by candles and strategic lighting under the barrels and it was great to see so many Sinners and Saints together for the first time. […]


Check out Lost Abbey’s GABF Video

Lost Abbey submitted a video as part of a GABF marketing campaign. The topic had to be why beer lovers and brewers love GABF and what the brewery is doing regarding its sustainability efforts. I think the video looks pretty good. To can find other breweries’ submissions by searching the term Beer Lovers and Brewers […]