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The Bun Boy is now Bob’s Big Boy


For as long as I can remember there’s been one “must stop” place along Highway 15 on the road to Vegas — Bun Boy in Baker, Calif., home to the world’s largest thermometer. (Also across the street from Alien Beef Jerkey.)

Over the past few years taken to flying out to Vegas because it’s only a 45 minute hop and flights are generally pretty cheap (like $149 round trip), so we hadn’t been through the area lately. On this trip, however, we drove and were surprised to find that “Bun Boy” is now “Big Boy.”

Molly and Bigy Boy together again

Molly and Big Boy together again (Is he looking down her shirt?)

Big Boys had pretty much disappeared from southern California over the past couple of decades, but we always liked them when we were kids, so naturally we decided to stop. The place was perfectly restored al la the BBB’s of old, and the menu had the classic shakes and Big Boy combos. The food wasn’t as good as we remembered, but the giant Big Boy out front was as good as always.


The giant thermometer is still there too. And still as big a draw as one gets in beautiful Baker, California (aka: “Gateway to Death Valley”). Here’s a Flickr photostream of the thermometer.

So, what do you think ?