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Dude, where’s my road cone?


This isn’t specifically a beer pic, so much as a “post beer” pic. As we were leaving Sin City Brewing in Planet Hollywood we happened across this in the parking garage:

Hey - Does the car feel funny to you?

Hey - Does the car feel funny to you?

What you can’t see in this photo is the black drag marks from the cone’s stand on the floor of the parking garage. They extend all the way from the curved ramp to this parking spot two aisles away. Closer examination showed that the cone was actually under the front left of the car until the turn into the parking stall knocked it over and allowed the car to drive over it.

The only cones I could find in the garage were down two levels by the parking valet. Looks like this guy bolted out of there and took this one with him. Not such a big deal if you’re driving a big truck or SUV, but this cone is a good foot taller than that little Z3.

Guess he didn’t know the valet was free.

So, what do you think ?