Friday: Brewpubs in Colorado Springs, CO

Friday we took the time to visit a few local brew pubs/ breweries in Colorado Springs.

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Trinity Brewing – Awaken Stout

Trinity Brewing – Flo IPA

Our next stop was Phantom Canyon Brewing Co.

At Phantom Canyon I chose the beer sampler of the eight beers they had on tap. My brother chose a pint of Railyard Ale. After the Trinity beers Phantom.





Our next stop was Judge Baldwin’s Brewing Co. We each chose a beer sampler of their five beers on tap. Champion Wheat, Rasberry Wheat, Winter Bock, Belgian Oud Bruin and Wellington Pale Ale.



If you have not heard of Judge Baldwin’s, there is a good reason. The beer is not good.

I asked our server, Barb, which beer was the most popular. Her response was that they all were the same. I took that as they really do not sell much beer. The best part about this brewpub is the free nuts.


We left without finishing our beers.

Bristol Brewing Co.

Our next stop was Bristol Brewing Co. Once again I chose to sample each of their six regular tap beers plus the four special beers, my brother chose a pint of Red Rocket Ale.







All were good.

Arctic Craft Brewery


Stop number five was Arctic Craft Brewery. I was familiar with the beers having first tasted them while stumbling around at the 2007 GABF with Beer Molly and Beer Sage. Though they were not yet open to the public for the day, John Dunfee, the only man there at the time, was more than accommodating. He gave us a few taster glasses and allowed my brother to play bartender while he worked, taking time once in a while to talk about his beers.



When the On On Ale and the Sour taps proved empty, John, opened us a can or On On and syphoned some sour ale from one of his wood casks. Though not all my favorite beer types, there was not a bad beer in the selection. We ended up taking home 2 growlers; one of Milk Stout and one of Raspberry Wheat. We polished those off when we got home.

Rock Bottom Brewery

We still had a few minutes to kill before had to pick-up my sister from shopping all day, so we stopped at Rock Bottom Brewery.




To be truthful I cannot remember the name of the beers we ordered, though my brother ordered the amber ale and I ordered the stout. It was good, but did not compare to the Arctic’s Milk Stout.

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