Beer Wars Movie

I dunno, maybe this has been around a while and I’m clueless, or it’s a brand new thing. Either way, I just noticed the site for an (apparently) indy flick, Beer Wars, with an inbound link to us, so I thought I’d take a look.

Beer Wars Movie Website (
Beer Wars Movie Website (

The site is slow (really slow sometimes), but it looks like it’s a bit of fun and maybe educational too. It premieres April 16, 2009. We’ll have to look up a theatre that’s playing it around here (or maybe the Sundance Channel…).

Anybody know any details about the movie?

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2 thoughts on “Beer Wars Movie

  1. I’m the filmmaker who made the film. The reason you hadn’t heard of it is that we soft launched. We announce formally on Monday. The site should be at top speed by then.
    And it’ll only be out as part of a special national event on April 16th so please come see it at a local theatre near you.

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