My Beer Pix

A visual tribute to beer and the people who love it.

Priming liver for tomorrows Angels Share release


Yes, I have so many pint glasses that they are stored in boxes in the garage.  Yes, I broke one while washing dishes.   Why spend money on a glass?  Because I enjoy drinking from it…why else…  It is all about the experience.

After a long-ass week I finally get a chance to sit down and relax…

New Sam Adams Glass

new Sam Adams Glass

Last week I enjoyed beverages every night, but how often do you want to hear about me drinking a local IPA in my chonies while doing homework? are three I had, you match them with the pics below…

Blind Pig IPA at Churchills

Pliny the elder at Churchills

Sam Adams Boston Lager at Famous Daves BBQ

beer 1

beer 1

beer 2

beer 2


beer 3

Ok… 1 = sams, 2 = blind pig, 3 = pliny..cheers

So, what do you think ?