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A pic that kinda sums up our long-ass Saturday

Saturday was a long-ass day, just ask BeerSage

Saturday was a long-ass day, just ask BeerSage

Though I brought my camera with me to the Carnevale Party, I failed to use it.  I prepared by deleting old pics off of my card and charging my battery, but I don’t recall taking the camera out and actually taking pictures with it.

Maybe due to the difficult access of my fancy robe, maybe due to the fact that my hands were busy holding beers (with Angel’s Share, Older Viscosity and Carnevale all on tap, who wouldn’t be) or judging breast cup sizes, heck or shear laziness; my camera rarely left my pocket.

So I was pleasantly surprised to actually find a picture on my camera from that evening.  Better yet, a picture that is a good representation of our Saturday (9am to 6pm for the Angel’s Share release prep, release and then clean-up, and then decorate for the Carnevale Masquerade party that started at 7pm until…whatever time we kick everyone was an awesome, but long-ass day.

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  1. Matt Dolman

    I, on the other hand have a heap of pics on my camera, but have been too lazy to get them to you. Pics include everyone who came through the front door for the first 2 hours of the evening. I’ll drop off a cd Friday or Saturday to Lost Abbey.


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