Eugene Brewery #2 was Ninkasi Brewing

Ninkasi Brewing
Ninkasi Brewing

Everywhere I went I asked my server, or other patrons, where they would recommend I go for my next beer.  My server at Steelhead pointed me to Ninkasi Brewing.  Unlike all the other places I had visited, this was not a brew pub; it was a production brewery only.

Their taps for tasting while I was there included four (4) year round beers (Quantum Pale Ale, Believer Double Red, Total Domination IPA and Tricerahops Double IPA) and one (1) seasonal beer, which happened to be my favorite of the five, called Spring Reign Ale.

Before heading out I asked where they would recommend I go for a good pint.  Their first recommendation was called The Bier Stein, a local beer bar with a great tap and bottle list.  I said I was interested in local brewpubs or breweries, and they said HopValley; that is wasn’t actually in Eugene, but across the highway in Springfield.

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