Video: tasting Pizza Beer

The (in)Famous Pizza Beer
The (in)Famous Pizza Beer

So a few weeks back Beermolly got a package from Johnathan Surratt (aka: Beerinator) of The Beermapping Project in a sort of chainletter-type beer swap. Among the many Midwestern brews was a bottle of something called “Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer”, which the label proudly proclaimed was an “Ale brewed with oregano, basil, tomato and garlic.”

Both horrified and intrigued, we did a quick lookup on to find 120-odd reviews and an average rating of 16 out 100 (percentile). Comments ranged from “Chef Boyardee ravioli” to “do you ever wish you could ‘un-taste’ something?”

Naturally, Beermolly immediately proclaimed this beer as her new mascot (and therefore couldn’t be opened), and set about trying to get more of it. Thanks to our friends Luann and Tom Fitzpatrick of the Chicago Beer Society a whole case of the stuff arrived a couple of weeks later.

We were anxious to see if the beer lived up to the hype, so we chilled a bottle, invited fellow MyBeerPix author Adam T. over, and video’d the tasting.

Here are Adam and Beermolly (with an appearance by her fat dog) reviewing the beer in all it’s glory:

MyBeerPix Authors taste a Pizza Beer

Weird “it’s a small world” sidenote: Yeah, the beer wasn’t much, but apparently it’s great in pizza dough. So great in fact that one dough made with it won the national pizza championships (or whatever it’s called). Turns out the winner was from right here in San Diego and he knows the Seefurths (the folks who make the beer) and now they’re coming to California soon to do a tasting at one of our local beer shops.

Sweet! (Well… garlicly and basily anyway…)

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  1. Thanks for the link, beermolly! 🙂 Loved the video, you are all way too much fun. Is that a pokemon glass you’re using to drink the pizza beer? haha

    Very nice beer site!

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